Sustainable Energy Action Plan The Balzan Local Council has embarked on the creation of a Sustainable Village with an ambition which sets out an objective to create a Sustainable Community Strategy Plan which will tackle the economic and social growth of the locality of Balzan but which will not be achieved at the expense of the environment. Balzan will become a sustainable village with excellent air quality, low waste levels, low carbon emissions and high recycling rates. The Council will commit to a fixed target for emissions cuts through identification of a more environmentally-sustainable transport net-work. The Council will also support the locality with the practical guidance and resources it needs. It seeks to im-prove energy efficiency not only in its offices but also among its various clubs, church institutions and the community at large. The Council is developing cost-effective mechanisms to significantly reduce the emissions from our existing housing stock. A major contribution of the Balzan Local Council will be embarking on detailed studies to reduce pri-vate car use in the locality. Its aim is to help people get out of their cars and travel by other means which are less damaging to the air quality as well as the physical health of its residents. The Council will also be undertaking the development of projects to support local healthy food and to raise the awareness and understanding of sustainability. For several years, the Balzan Local Council has worked towards highlighting and contributing towards the restoration of its historic centre. So while it is important to consider the energy efficiency improvements which can be made to “listed” or “preservation-worthy” buildings, it is also necessary to discuss broader infrastructural issues. How do you preserve a historic neighbourhood while transforming it into a modern sustainable community?