francesco scicluna April 14, 2023

Mdina – Caltagirone : Project ‘La Via del Barocco’ – Friday 14th April, 2023

This morning the delegation from the Unesco city of Caltagirone composed of Mayor Dr Fabio Roccuzzo and his team, city councillors, Bishop Calogero Peri, and the Associazione Musicale “Luigi Sturzo”, landed in Malta where they were welcomed by the Mayor of the Mdina Local Council Peter Sant Maduca, Mdina councillors, executive secretary Mark Mallia, the Consul of the Italian Embassy Dr Andrea Varischetti, and Dr Ivana Legname president of the association The Islands and partner of the European project “La via del Barocco”.
At the Cathedral Museum in Mdina, seminars were held on the various areas of the Baroque period including art, music, theatre, and history, which the speakers masterfully presented to a packed hall, creating historical connections between Caltagirone and Mdina.
The speakers were:
Mr Antonio Bartolo, Historian
Prof Denis De Lucca, International Institute of Baroque Studies of the University of Malta
Prof. Mario Pace, Head of the Languages ​​and Humanities Department in Education at the University of Malta
Mr Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Director of the Baroque Festival
Prof. Joseph Brincat, Italian Linguistics Faculty of Art, Corresponding Member of the Crusca Academy of the University of Malta
Arch. Claudio Lo Monaco, Councillor for Culture
Don Fabio Raimondi, Director Diocesan Museum
We would like to thank for their presence:
Soprano Rosabelle Bianchi
Colonel Alessandro Rinaldi of the Cooperation Mission in Malta
Mrs Nancy Milesis Romano who donated the Maltese Cross pin to all the musicians of the Luigi Sturzo Band
Mr Vincenzo Catalano, President of Comites
The two mayors exchanged gifts as a symbol of friendship.
The director of the cathedral museum Mons. Edgar Vella and the manager Mariella Cutajar offered all participants a visit to the museum where, among other items, the Maltese national anthem is kept.