Balzan is very fortunate to have living among its community a number residents from different countries, especially from Europe and Africa. These people are very welcome in our community because they bring with them a variety of other cultures which enrich the lives of the members of the local community. Balzan has always been renowned for its tolerance and, as such, different political, religious and racial views are not only tolerated but also welcomed. 

The Balzan Local Council seeks to play a prime role in the celebration of multiculturalism. The organization of a “Lejla Interkulturali Balzanija” (“Balzan Intercultural Evening”) in October, 2012 was the first event in a programme of planned intercultural activities. In fact, the Council is seeking to include all members of Balzan’s multicultural community in all its activities.

Another aim of the Balzan Local Council is the integration of the newer part of Balzan with the older historic part. This can, of course, be achieved by organizing local activities in the most accessible parts of the village and which can be easily patronized by both the residents living in the older part of the village as well as those living in the newer part.